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sugilite and clear quartz car/door hanger - Gifting a Gift of Peace

sugilite and clear quartz car/door hanger

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Sugilite It represents spiritual love and wisdom. Teaches and protects in matters of spiritual, love, and forgiveness. Protects the soul from shocks and trauma. Clears disappointments, relieves spiritual tension brings light and love to the darkest situations. Aids forgiveness by eliminating hostility. Teaches how to live from your own truth. Imparts ability to face unpleasant conditions, encourages positive thoughts, and releases emotional turmoil. Sugilite is Archangel Michaels crystal!

Clear Quartz energizes and activates your chakras. It amplifies the energy level of any other crystal it touches. It is said to increase spiritual wisdom. Promotes clarity of the mind and aids in creativity. Clear Quartz contains the full spectrum of visible light. It is the great healer for the mind and the higher crown chakras.

Charkas: Clear Quartz harmonizes all the chakras. Helps to subtle body, helps to activate the higher crown.

 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! Philippians 4:13