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Rose Quartz and Blue kyanite Hamsa Door Hanger - Gifting a Gift of Peace

Rose Quartz and Blue kyanite Hamsa Door Hanger

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Rose Quartz opens the heart to all types of love. It helps to raise your self-esteem, restore confidence and balance emotions. It is also one of the best crystal to use for positive self-affirmations. Rose Quartz can help heal the heart and emotions. Rose Quartz a stone of infinite peace and unconditional love, it can help to purify and open your heart, teaching the true meaning of love and forgiveness. Rose can help you with grief if you have ever lost someone. Rose Quartz is deeply soothing and assists in helping you to accept necessary change.

Blue Kyanite has a calming effect to the whole being. Its energy is gentle and balanced. Can help promote  Telepathy,developing intuition and psychic abilities.

Hamsa many people believe its a symbol of gods hands in the world. It helps to banish evil or any negative energy. It helps to bring happiness, luck and good fortune to its owners.

Blessed is the one who trust in the lord whose confidence is in him. Jeremiah 7:17

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