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Multiple Crystal Hamsa Door Hanger - Gifting a Gift of Peace

Multiple Crystal Hamsa Door Hanger

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Rose quartz opens the heart to all types of love.It helps to raise your self-esteem, restore confidence and balance emotions. It is also one of the best crystal to use for positive self-affirmations.

Clear Quartz energizes and activates your chakras. It amplifies the energy level of any other crystal it touches. It is said to increase spiritual wisdom. Promotes clarity of the mind and aids in creativity. Clear Quartz contains the full spectrum of visible light. It is the great healer for the mind and the higher crown chakras.

Charkas: Clear Quartz harmonizes all the chakras. Helps to subtle body, helps to activate the higher crown.

Blue kyanite has a calming effect to the whole being. Its energy is gentle and balanced. Will promote Telepathy, developing intuition and psychic abilities.

citrine is said to be a crystal of light, happiness and abundance. It may help with manifestation and helping you to achieve your goals. It may help you with attracting wealth and prosperity.

Fluorite absorbs and neutralizes the negative energies within your body and in your home. It is one of the most powerful crystals for overall energy cleansing and rejuvenation of the aura.

Howlite Helps gain an insight into past life and helps to release emotional attachments. Howlite helps to inspire attunement, it may help prepare the mind for wisdom and insight. Howlite teaches patience and absorbs anger.

Lapis lazuli helps to enhance your insight, awareness and truth. It is a good crystal to meditate with because it awakens the third eye chakra, to help you go deeper into your meditation.

Many people believe that the Hamsa is a symbol of gods hands in the world. It helps to banish evil or any negative energy. It helps to bring happiness, luck and good fortune to its owners.

Nothing can stop gods plan for your life! Isaiah 14:27

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