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multiple crystal dog collar Clip - Gifting a Gift of Peace

multiple crystal dog collar Clip

$ 8.00

Moonstone can help an anxiousness dog calm down.

Blue Kyanite can help align of all your dogs chakras, tendons or bones.

Clear Quartz can help to strengthen the aura and protecting
against negative energies. Clear Quartz will help strengthen
your pet’s immune system, which will improve his or her
overall health. It can also stimulate energy levels.

Fluorite can help your dogs bones (blue),
respiration (blue, green or clear), blood purification
or lymph glands (green), digestion (green or yellow).

Clip sodalite on your dog's collar to help with calming nervousness, it also good for helping them to settle down during travel.

In his hands is the life of every creature. Job 12:10

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