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Men's Ruby Zoisite And Hematite Bracelet - Gifting a Gift of Peace

Men's Ruby Zoisite And Hematite Bracelet

$ 12.99

Ruby Zoisite is a fertility-boosting crystal and could be good for both men and women. " The crystal bible" says its good to help heal diseases affecting ovaries and testicles.

Ruby Zoisite unifies patience and passion. It also helps to boost individuality and independence in relationships and it also helps to restores peace and calm, balancing the aura, especially in times of stress.

Hematite protects, stabilizes and helps to keep you grounded. Hematite increases clarity and mental organization. Helps to shift negative energy out of the aura. Hematite also helps to enhance memory, original thinking and technical knowledge.

 Have patience god isn't finished yet. Philippians 1:6

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